Frequently Asked Questions

When will the school be on one site?

The School has been granted several million pounds under the School Enhancement Programme,

and the whole school will be on the Castlerock Road campus by September 2024.


How are classes organised in Year 8?

There are 6 classes of 26 pupils = 156 pupils in total.

Pupils are placed in classes according to academic ability.

There are two bands of three classes – the three classes in each of the two bands are of equal


It will be the same structure when pupils move into years 9 and 10, but some movement between

classes is possible depending on pupils’ results in school exams.

Previous AQE Scores?

         Lowest Highest         Average

2015 92 119 102

2016 94 126 104

2017 86 124 102

2018 90 120 102

2019 90 122 101

2020 91 126 102

2021 No academic selection due to Covid-19

2022 86 124 100

2023 87 128 102

We have a x6 class entry of 156 pupils.  Other equivalent schools have a x5 class entry, and a smaller number of available places.  Lowest score comparisons are therefore not like for like.  We attract many high and very high scores, as shown by the table above.

Does it matter if CGS is first preference?

-   Yes – place CGS first because you will not lose out on a place in a selective school with a

   lower cut-off score by placing us first.


What are the Admissions Process and Admissions Criteria for Year 8 – School Year 2024/2025?

The Admissions Criteria document is available on the school’s website here , on the main school website at and on the Education Authority’s website

It is important to read the school’s Admissions Criteria at the above links to be fully informed about the process, the criteria, Special Circumstances and Special Provision.